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Hello 👋

I am a UX Designer & Researcher with background in UI development, and software engineering.

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    Passionate about using diverse mediums to connect consumer's stories to meaningful experiences.

     Apart from designing, I immerse myself in a world of creativity. Whether it's capturing moments exploring places , indulging in content creation , or painting. I find joy in various artistic activities. 

P.S : Right now trying my hands in clay modelling.

My Professional Journey

I am an empathic extrovert who enjoys working with diverse groups. For over 6 years, I've been collaborating with world-class organizations and ventures to bring new innovative products in sectors such as insurance, telecommunications, travel and hospitality.

My Master's Journey

With a wide range of interests and creative pursuits, I discovered in UX design the opportunity to combine my passions for design, technology, and business with my deep interest in human behavior.


Learning UX Design at the Goldsmiths College, University of London was truly unique as I had the

opportunity to upscale my learnings about the design process, and the significance of creating human-centered products, and develop experience with advanced technologies specific to the industry. In my design practice, I have extensive experience in user research, user experience design, and service design.

Outside of work I love to ...


I enjoy traveling and love immersing myself in different cultures, soaking up new experiences wherever I go. l also love to share my experiences and help people to know new cultures and amazing places through my Instagram.



Not only do I love to go out in the world, I like to capture its beauty and happenings. I feel like photography is a beautiful way of telling stories in which your psyche is involved by the sensations, emotions, and thoughts experienced before and after the process. Also, a picture is always the best memory to have.

Paint & Draw

To paint makes me feel happier. If I start a drawing agitated, sulky, and anxious out, I always finish it relaxed, content, and at peace. It allows me to clear my mind by allowing me to reflect on and clarify my thoughts and feelings. It assists me in navigating my overthinking. Yes, It's my form of therapy.

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